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As you continue to adjust the way you do business, Canadian Linen is committed to delivering products and services to help you provide peace of mind and positive experiences to your customers and employees. See all the ways we can help you move forward.

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We aren’t just a laundry company.

We are a world class uniform and linen service company.

People You Can Count On®

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We help businesses manage their brand,
image and efficiency.

Whether you're a small family business or a Fortune 500 company, we have you covered from the front to back.

Minimal Hassle,
Maximum Service

At Canadian Linen, we have you covered. We manage your uniform programs, deliver clean rental uniforms week after week, and provide time-saving features on our web store like logo libraries and employee allowances.

Our quality linen and toweling services ensure you get the right amount of the cleanest products, every time. And our mat and facility service programs keep your business clean and your employees and customers safe.

Not to mention our Customer Portal is best-in-class, and we’re the only company that features quarterly manager visits for every single customer with our Complete Customer Care program.

We’re Canadian Linen — the People You Can Count On.®