Food Processing Uniforms

Uniforms are a must-have for your industry.  Equipping your employees on the floor with the right food processing coats is critical to keeping production running. And having safe, sanitary apparel is essential to preventing cross-contamination. Being short on uniforms — even for just one employee — can slow down production.  And having a late delivery can shut down production altogether. Trust the professionals at Canadian Linen to make sure your employees have uniforms that fit correctly, are clean and hygienic, and are always delivered on time.

Working For You, With You

Canadian Linen has been in the business of providing uniforms and laundering services to the food processing industry for over 127 years. We like to think we’ve learned a lot in that time. The most important thing we’ve learned is to listen to our customers. We hope to become more than a supplier to our clients — we want to become a partner you can trust to deliver top notch customer service and products for all your unique needs.

When we say we want to be your partner, we mean it. Another thing we’ve learned along the way is that to serve an industry well, you have to know that industry well. That means we’ve done our homework to figure out what you need from your uniforms. We seek out and carefully vet the products we stock, working with only the best manufacturers. Before we agree to offer their product, we make absolutely sure their work not only meets the most rigorous professional standards, but also meets and exceeds your highest expectations. We do the extra work to give our partners in food processing the peace of mind that, at least when it comes to laundry and uniforms, someone has their back.

Just a Call Away  

A partnership doesn’t end when you buy a product, which is why our service doesn’t end at that point either. Canadian Linen is proud to offer a full-service professional uniform and laundry program for all products you purchase from us. When you need a uniform cleaned, washed, repaired or replaced, call your Canadian Linen contact and we’ll get you what you need right away.  

The One-Stop Solution For All Your Uniform Needs

During the account installation process, our sales and service teams will size each employee — even if you have your coats delivered in bulk — to ensure the new inventory is exactly right. Same goes for your maintenance and management teams.  All new uniforms that are delivered are sized right.

We partner with companies like Ecolab and Washing Systems who use the latest in technology to deliver precise chemical formulas and wash temperatures when cleaning your coats. In fact, we wash your garments 20 degrees hotter than industry groups like the American Institute of Baking suggest, which is known for having some of the highest standards in food processing.

With our Complete Customer Care program, you’ll have quarterly management visits — along with regular contact with your Customer Service Representative — so you know that any issues will be addressed promptly and you’ll receive the best service in the industry.  And with our Customer Portal, you have 24/7 access to your account and our service teams.

To learn more and receive a complimentary audit of your current account, contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our expert Sales Executives.

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