125th Anniversary

Our company’s commitment to our customers, personalized service and innovation has sustained it for more than 125 years. To read the full history of our company, you can find our recently updated Corporate History Book here.

Over a century ago, George Steiner worked his way through school delivering towels for a local laundry in Lincoln, Nebraska. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he later purchased the business for fifty dollars—half down, half later.


George and his brother Frank  made deliveries together from a green and white handcart they pushed through city streets. But it wasn't long before the handcart was upgraded to a horse-drawn wagon. Eventually the brothers moved to separate cities where they each opened a branch: Minneapolis, Minnesota and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

They never lived in the same town again, and spent much of their lives moving across the country, opening branches and tending to business. There were challenging times as well: on more than one occasion, Frank pawned a family heirloom gold watch to pay bills and sustain the Minneapolis business.


American Linen Supply expanded into Canada with a branch in Vancouver, British Columbia, and many other facilities across the U.S. and Canada in subsequent years. 


All 19 branches of the company were consolidated into one integrated corporation.


The company rebranded, adopting the AmeriPride name for all its U.S. locations and keeping the Canadian Linen and Uniform Service name for all Canadian locations.


Bill Evans was appointed as the first non-family CEO.  

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