Canadian Linen Renews Commitment to Industry-Leading Sustainable Fleet with New XL Hybrids Electrification Solution on F-59 Chassis


Hybrids has yielded tangible results for our corporate fleet that are helping Canadian Linen reduce our carbon footprint and save money,

BOSTON – (March 1, 2016) – XL Hybrids, Inc., a leader in fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, today announced it is featuring a Canadian Linen F-59 service truck upfitted with the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in booth #525 at the NTEA Work Truck Show. Hybrid-electric F-59 trucks are the latest on-road deployment of XL Hybrids technology by Canadian Linen, which already operates a fleet of service vehicles with XL3 systems in North America.


“Our technology partnership with XL Hybrids has yielded tangible results for our corporate fleet that are helping Canadian Linen reduce our carbon footprint and save money,” said Banny Allison, Fleet Manager at Canadian Linen. “Canadian Linen is implementing a variety of sustainability programs across North America including alternative fuel vehicles, heat reclamation systems in the plants, solar power, mat and paper recycling, water conservation and more. The fuel efficiency from XL Hybrids technology can also help improve the productivity of our drivers who can go longer between fill-ups and potentially make more product deliveries.”

Since 2013, Canadian Linen fleet vehicles with XL Hybrids technology has driven more than 200,000 cumulative hybrid road miles, yielding approximately a 24 percent improvement in MPG and a reduction in CO2. This has translated into over three thousand gallons of fuel saved and over thirty metric tons of CO2 avoided, to date. Over the projected 8-10 year life of these vehicles with XL Hybrids technology, Canadian Linen is tracking to reduce more than 15,000 gallons of fuel, and reduce over 140 metric tons of CO2.

All field results are being captured by XL Hybrids’ proprietary wireless data connectivity system which tracks key performance indicators like MPG, vehicle duty cycle and CO2 emissions reduction. F-59 trucks upfitted with XL Hybrids technology in 2016 will significantly increase these sustainability accomplishments.

The F-59 platform, with payloads exceeding 15,000 pounds, is ideal for food, linen, and package delivery fleets. Canadian Linen uses its F-59 trucks for uniform rental and linen supply services in North American metropolitan markets. The XL3 hybrid system is installed aft of the transmission in about six to eight hours. Fleets maintain the Ford OEM warranty and get a three-year, 75,000 mile warranty on the XL3 hybrid powertrain.

“XL Hybrids is proud to display our XL3 hybrid-electric system for Ford F-59 super duty trucks in collaboration with Canadian Linen at the NTEA Work Truck Show,” said Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer of XL Hybrids. “Our XL3 hybrid system provides up to a 25 percent increase in miles per gallon, with minimal impact to fleet operations, and no driver training or charging infrastructure requirements.”

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About XL Hybrids

XL Hybrids is the leader in fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, with technology that delivers a 25 percent increase in miles per gallon and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Recognized as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company in 2014, XL Hybrids supports customers such as The Coca-Cola Company and FedEx. The award-winning XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is a revolutionarily simple solution that helps commercial and municipal fleets lower operating costs and meet sustainability goals. Compatible with new and existing Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet vehicles, the XL3 system can be installed in less than six hours. It works seamlessly in the background with zero impact on fleet operations or service, and no driver training or infrastructure requirements. XL Hybrids was founded by MIT alumni and is based in Boston. For more information, visit or on Twitter @XLHybrids.