High-Flow Filling Station

Features & Benefits:

One-solution filling station with extended hose for use with mop buckets and floor scrubbers. Uses our Ultra Concentrate products for easy bottle change-out.

This high-flow station is extremely cost effective and dispenses a consistent amount of product, making it ideal for high-volume cleaning. Canadian Linen provides the quick, easy installation of all dispensing systems in the places that are most convenient for you and your business.

Dispensing systems include:

  • Free installation and training for both systems and holding rack
  • Scheduled check-ins to make sure units stay in best working order
  • Dilution control metering tips to ensure the correct amount of product for each application
  • SafeLink bottle caps are located on each container to prevent contaminants from getting inside
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Canadian Linen cleaners

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