Kitchen Floor Mats

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy and convenient to clean-just fold it up and place in any dishwasher
  • Textured Nitrile rubber surface reduces falls and is 100% grease resistant
  • Drainage holes allow moisture to flow through reducing slip and fall potential
  • Antimicrobial features to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Anti-fatigue features improve staff comfort and productivity
  • Beveled edges reduce risk of slips and falls and is cart friendly

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Floor Mat Program Aspects include:

  • Pay just one small rental amount each delivery - instead of spending large amounts up front to purchase floor mats.
  • Mats are completely washed rather than just vacuumed to remove all dirt and reinvigorate the fibres.
  • Anytime a floor mat becomes worn out, we replace it at no charge.

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