Safe Cleaning of PPE Garments

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) garments are crucial to doing your job effectively and safely. If you leave it up to your employees, you are responsible for making sure that their laundering process does not compromise the protective properties of the clothing.

Workplace Fatigue Awareness

Did you know that almost 30% of Canadian workers report being fatigued most days or every day during a typical work week and those most at risk work the night shift, long shifts or irregular shifts? Workplace fatigue can quickly set in.

Are You Prepared for an Accident?

The Industrial sector, maybe more so than any, is susceptible to potentially harmful workplace accidents. When evaluating a first aid program, keep these thoughts in mind.

Don’t Compromise on PPE Wear and Care

You’ve hired the right candidates for the job and invested in the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) garments. The last thing you want to do is damage or minimize the protective properties of your team’s uniforms by not following the correct maintenance.

Do You Have the Right FR Program?

Think about all the jobs performed throughout your business. Now take a look at who performs them. If you have a mix of tasks with only some requiring flame resistant (FR) and Arc-rated garments, or if you have employees who go back and forth between FR and non-FR tasks, are you set up with the proper safety program and uniforms?

Owning Your Digital Presence

As you’re well aware, in today’s digital world it is not enough to just have a website or Facebook page. But keeping up or creating an official strategy for the first time can be overwhelming. We’ve gathered some solid tips to get you started.

FR and ARC Basics

New to the FR world? Need a refresher? If you’re having a hard time keeping the FR and ARC acronyms straight, we can break it down for you.

5 Ways to Retain Your Employees

Being in the Industrial sector, you’re no stranger to employee turnover. Whether you’re in a large factory or small machine shop, you know firsthand how difficult it is to hire and retain quality staff members. Turnover can be expensive, stressful and disruptive to business. But it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Customer Spotlight: 40 Cal Customs

Matt Harris, owner of 40 Cal Customs bike shop, is full speed ahead while also honoring the history of the craft. Harris shares his genuine love for building bikes and why he chooses to use tools from the 1930s.

FR Primer

If you’re new to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market, if your safety standards have changed, or if you’re looking for an FR garment partner, let’s talk. Many industries, such as Industrial and Oil & Gas, require workers to wear flame resistant (FR) garments. Their teams’ protection depends on these garments day in and day out.

Flame Resistant Uniforms: Should You Rent, Lease or Buy?

Your employees need to be protected, and it’s your job to ensure they’re safe at all times. But Personal Protective Equipment, such as flame resistant uniforms, is just one part of your safety strategy—and there is a lot to keep track of when deciding whether a rental, lease or purchase program is right for you.


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