Customer Spotlight: Nightingale

We recently chatted with owner Chef David Hawksworth about Nightingale’s scene, dependable vendors and the next generation of Canadian chefs.

What’s in Your Kitchen?

As a chef, baker or bartender, you know how valuable your gadgets are. We’ve cooked up a list of 10 tools to round out any well-equipped kitchen. Let’s dig in.

Restaurant Safety: Action Items

Between the lunch rush and late night happy hour, a lot happens in a bustling restaurant. There is constant foot traffic, food being prepped and served, loads of noise and a frenetic work pace. In other words, there’s plenty of opportunity for accidents.

2018 Culinary Movers & Shakers

It’s not always easy to put your finger on what’s trending in the culinary world. That’s why we’re leaning on the National Restaurant Association and their 2018 Culinary Forecast. Nearly 700 chefs weighed in on which foods will be rising stars on menus this year.

Capturing the Millennial Market

The millennial crowd is nothing new to businesses. At more than 9 million, they are the largest share of Canada’s population and are not a group to overlook. Here are some characteristics and behaviors to be aware of when attracting millennials to your establishment.

Canadian Linen Goes to the Fair

When the refreshingly cool, deliciously sweet and deep fried heavyweights of the Minnesota State Fair need uniforms and linens, they rely on Canadian Linen. Little known fact, we help 30+ vendors present a clean, branded appearance.

But First, Dessert

Marshmallow brownies, cookie sandwiches, fruit tarts and layer cakes. And guess what – they are all nutritious (and delicious)! Michelle Moraes and Chris Curtis believe nobody should have to skip dessert. On a mission to provide treats with real ingredients for all, the business partners started The Butternut Baking Co. earlier this year.

Now Trending: Hot Restaurant Concepts

Move over country-wide chains and make room for the trending concepts in the restaurant world. More and more foodies are looking for something different than the typical brick-and-mortar dining experience. Let’s visit some of the popular concepts on the scene.

Owning Your Digital Presence

As you’re well aware, in today’s digital world it is not enough to just have a website or Facebook page. You have to consistently post, share and refresh. Doing so keeps your brand and restaurant top of mind with both frequent guests and new customers.

5 Ways to Retain Your Employees

Being in the Food & Beverage industry, you’re no stranger to employee turnover. Whether you’re in fine dining or fast casual establishments, you know firsthand how difficult it is to hire and retain quality staff members. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, restaurant employee turnover rates were at an all-time high of 72.1% in 2015. Turnover can be expensive, stressful and disruptive to business.

2017 Culinary Trends: What's In, What's Out

It’s that time of year when those in the know talk about culinary trends. What ingredients are on fire? What foods have had their 15 minutes of fame (we’re looking at you bitter melon)?

Customer Spotlight: The Draft Horse

Anne Saxton, owner of The Draft Horse in Minneapolis, MN – along with partners Luke Kyle and Katie Kyle – knows exactly where her food comes from because she sources most of it from right down the hall. Taking farm-to-table to another level, they’re able to borrow from their Food Building neighbors’ artisanal abundance.

Serving Up Style in the Kitchen

From Sunday brunch prep to walking staff through the day’s dinner specials, hospitality apparel can take a beating. Chef wear must stand up to a lot of variables – stains, extreme heat, daily wear and tear, repetitive movement and frequent laundering. But it should still serve many purposes and project a positive brand image.

Uniforms as Brand Identity

Uniforms for the restaurant industry provide an additional layer of branding that can’t be ignored. Similar to an establishment’s website, décor, or menu design, the uniforms worn by restaurant employees signify the type of dining experience a customer can expect to have.


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