Healthy Hands

We all know how crucial hand hygiene is in our day-to-day settings, but the importance is magnified for individuals interacting in healthcare environments. With flu season in full swing, it’s a good time to visit this topic.

Benefits of Choosing Industrial Laundry for Healthcare Textiles

You know patient care, staff needs and healthcare protocol. You aren’t in the business of doing laundry, but luckily industrial laundries are. Let’s dig into the many benefits of choosing an industrial laundry provider.

Hand Hygiene and Healthcare

Proper hand hygiene should be a top priority in most settings, but even more so in the healthcare industry. Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and infections, according to Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC).

On-Trend Uniforms: Fabric, Fit & Features

Looking for new ways to amp up performance and keep your employees happy and comfortable? Today’s trends include uniforms designed for more fashion-conscious workers, with special fabric, fit and features that help maximize their productivity and comfort.

Brand Building from the Floor Up

There’s more to your brand’s reputation than employee behavior and quality of work. Subtler things and unexpected touches, like floor mats and pressed linens, can make a great first impression and help strengthen your image.

Know the Difference: Uniform Rental, Lease & Purchase Programs

Your business is unique and deserves a tailored uniform solution to address your challenges. That’s why Canadian Linen gives you the flexibility to create a program that fits your needs.


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