Form and Function

From Sunday brunch prep to walking staff through the day’s dinner specials, hospitality apparel can take a beating. Chef wear must stand up to a lot of variables – stains, extreme heat, daily wear and tear, repetitive movement and frequent laundering. But it should still serve many purposes and project a positive brand image. Here’s how the right apparel program can help protect chefs in the kitchen. 

  • Hats – keep sweat and hair out of food and allow heat dissipation and air circulation to keep a chef’s head cool
  • Jackets – protect against burns from stoves, ovens and grills, and shield from scalding spills and splatters
  • Aprons – shield from hot liquid burns and food stains
  • Pants – prevent hot food and liquid from contacting skin
  • Shoes – defend against slips on wet or greasy floors and protect from burns due to accidental spilling

Fashion History

Maintaining a high level of functionality doesn’t have to mean ho-hum style. The best offerings can check all the boxes: comfort, safety, durability and fashion. Over the last three decades, chef wear has continued to evolve in terms of fashion and function. Chefs have more options for hats, aprons, chef coats and pants than ever before, not to mention the increase of apparel designed especially for women.

Brand Forward

Uniforms are also an integral part of your brand identity – they set the tone and reflect the personality of your business. A cohesive uniform style across the entire staff – from the kitchen to the front of the house – lets guests know you take their experience seriously. This professionalism will lead guests to think highly of your food as well. Building that consumer trust is key to return trips and the overall success of your business. Make sure your uniforms send the right message

Roles and Responsibilities

Uniforms have important responsibilities. They factor into guest perception, build brand awareness, and offer protection and comfort to hospitality employees. Be sure to keep all these elements in mind when choosing or updating your restaurant’s apparel. 

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