A proper first aid kit should be at the heart of any business’s first aid preparedness plan. This doesn’t mean buying a basic first aid kit at the big box store and applying the “set it and forget it” approach. Products have expiration dates and run out, and it’s much more than providing ibuprofen and bandages. Your team must be ready to quickly respond to minor and major incidents – before it turns into a life-threatening situation. Don’t risk being out of compliance and facing penalties when it comes to first aid safety. It’s best to be proactive and prepared.

A worry-free solution to ensuring first aid is accessible and up to date is to outsource the program to a vendor-managed inventory service. This takes the responsibility off the office manager’s lengthy to-do list. Instead of making multiple trips to buy individual items or making sense of fluctuation invoices from medical-supply houses, Canadian Linen’s first aid service offers a flat, weekly fee. We also ensure that you are providing hospital-grade products to your employees.

There are legal requirements around workplace first aid, too. Let us can take the guesswork out of complex local and federal compliance. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) monitor cabinet inventories every week and replenish products when needed, keeping you compliant. Monthly service logs are included in our cabinets and signed by our CSRs, which satisfies Health Canada standards.

Depending on the size, type and location of your business, you may need a small cabinet, large cabinet or a combination. We also offer province-specific extra requirement modules to ensure your facility is compliant with CCOHS guidelines. Our small cabinet has all the essential items to treat a wide range of workplace injuries, including non-serious and serious. For businesses with more employees, our large cabinet contains larger product quantities and a broader assortment of items.

Time is crucial in emergency situations. Our serious incident modules are color-coded for easy identification and are packed in the order in which they are used to treat the specific injury.   

To round out your safety plan, our fully managed first aid service also includes:

Make sure you’re sending a message to employees that you are prepared and committed to their safety. As a dependable partner who values safety just as much as you do, we can help you deliver on that promise. Contact us today for more information.


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