picture of Randy Ireland in front of truck



How long have you been a CSR with Canadian Linen?

I have been a CSR since March 2011.

What areas/cities do you cover?

I am responsible for part of the northeast section of Regina, which includes the Co-op Refinery Complex. I have numerous calls outside the refinery, although the bulk of my route is in the refinery, which has almost 1,000 employees not including the numerous contractors I deal with on a daily basis.

On average, how many miles do you drive in a day?

The refinery is less than a mile from the Regina plant. With all my stops being so close, I average about 14 miles per day.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

It’s not just one thing. It’s the people who all work together to get our product out to the customers. It’s greeting the customer with, “Good morning. How is your day going?” and leaving them with, “Have a good day. See you next week!” I also enjoy solving problems as quickly as possible.

What’s your biggest accomplishment with Canadian Linen?

My biggest accomplishment is knowing that all my customers trust that I will do my best to deliver. Many of my customers have my cell phone number, and I let them know not to hesitate to get a hold of me if they need anything … and they have many times.

Do you have a system for organizing your truck?

Oh yes, I have a system! Every garment is checked to make sure it is mine for that day’s delivery. Everything that goes into my truck has a specific place. I load my truck myself so that I know where everything is.

Since we’re in the business of laundering, do you iron your own clothes?

Yes, I do own an iron, and I have used it – just not very often.

When you’re not in the truck, what are your favorite hobbies?

I spent almost 25 years in the painting and renovation trade before coming to Canadian Linen. I enjoy building things, almost any kind of project inside or outside of the house.


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