Employee uniforms are a big investment for your company. When apparel gets damaged it’s a huge problem. Thankfully, specialized locker system programs can help you not only keep garments onsite, but also prevent them from being misplaced. Uniform lockers offer a highly effective security system for the storage of your uniforms, linens, protective clothing, personal items, tools and more for a variety of industries.

By incorporating a locker system strategy into your security plan, you keep your storage areas neat, organized and sanitary. Plus, you send out a clear message to your employees about your level of commitment to protecting them and their belongings. Consider the benefits of adding another level of security for your uniform program today.

Benefits of using a Locker System:

  • Keeps your uniforms secure especially in open areas where garments are stored.

Uniform service companies like Canadian Linen use an ID tagging system so that there are fewer chances of employees taking the wrong uniforms.

  • Offers soiled bank lockers so employees have a place to stash their dirty uniforms.
  • Limits access to inventory by offering keys so only service people and your management team can access the apparel. This curbs the unnecessary mishandling of garments.
  • Clear signage and posters for where clean apparel vs. dirty apparel gets placed. For instance:
    • Locker – pants and shirts only
    • Soiled Bag – special bag for soiled items only
    • Repair – special bag for items that need to be repaired

Tip: If lost inventory is a consistent problem, build awareness among your staff. Short email messages and posters placed in high-traffic areas are quick, effective ways to educate your team, reduce loss and avoid accidental throwaways.

To learn more about locker systems available for your business, speak with your Customer Service Representative, or contact us here.


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