Temps are heating up. Trees are turning green. Neighbors are coming out of hibernation. Finally, spring is here! Spring signals the beginning of outdoor season for many businesses such as outdoor dining, golf courses, amusement parks and garden nurseries. It’s a magical season, but it does take a good amount of planning and elbow grease to get ready for business. Before greeting your customers, make sure you’re in tip-top shape with these tips.


Gear up early by securing seasonal staff members. Visitors tend to surge during nice weather. You might even have extended hours during the spring and summer – you’ll need a larger team in place to meet the demand. Don’t risk overworking a small staff.


If you’re in the restaurant industry, spring is a perfect time to take advantage of seasonal ingredients. Adjust your menu to offer specials highlighting fresh produce and fruits, lighter dishes and refreshing cocktails.


Break out the short sleeves and shorts! For teams who spend their work hours outside, like landscapers and swimming pool attendants, choose uniforms with light colors to stay cool. Also, look for fabrics that feature moisture wicking and breathability to keep the heat at bay.


Wedding season is hectic, especially at golf courses. Beyond your regular restaurant and clubhouse volume, you have to account for multiple wedding and graduation parties – that’s a lot of napkins, tablecloths and towels. Take advantage of Inventory Assurance and Weekend On-Call services to make sure you have the linen quantities you need, when you need them.


If your outdoor gear has been packed away over the winter, it will need to be power washed and sanitized before it’s ready to make its debut. Outdoor bars, umbrellas and furniture will also need maintenance throughout the season. Choose cleaning solutions such as hard surface cleaners and multipurpose disinfectants to keep things tidy and healthy.


Don’t forget to outfit your outdoor spaces with the right floor mats. If you have a bar area outside, a kitchen mat with drainage holes helps liquid spills flow through, reducing potential slips and falls. Employees will appreciate anti-fatigue mats at host stands and check-in areas. A staff that’s comfortable tends to be more productive.

A good rule of thumb is to treat your outdoor areas as you would your indoor spaces. After all, they are an extension of your brand. Contact us today to learn how Canadian Linen can help you present a consistent, enjoyable experience to your employees and guests. Enjoy the outdoor season and the additional profits!


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