As the owner or manager of a business, you’re tasked with staffing, finances, branding, promotions … the list goes on. One of the last things on your mind is probably the state of your washrooms.

Washrooms may not always seem like a top priority, but customers may not return to your business if they have a negative experience with your washrooms. Let’s talk specifically about hand washing and the benefits of offering paper towels vs. air dryers. When it comes to hand washing, people prefer to dry their hands with paper towels. A Mayo Clinic report says that if people had a choice, 55% of respondents would select paper towels.

Not only do most people prefer paper towels, they beat hand dryers when it comes to overall hygiene and getting the job done. The friction that paper towels offer helps remove germs. Studies have also found that residual water was removed from hands quicker using paper.

And let’s face it, people are impatient. If the air dryer is taking too long to dry or if there’s a line of people waiting to use the dryer, people may walk away with hands that are still wet. Research has shown that germs are transmitted more easily via damp hands. Nobody wants workers or guests to leave the washroom with potential germs on their hands.

The Mayo Clinic study also found that air movement can encourage the dispersal and transmission of bacteria and increase the chance of cross contamination. In effect, air dryers encourage this recirculation of washroom air germs. And according to a Wall Street Journal article, blowers tend to spread bacteria between three and six feet from the device.

Moreover, if you have public spaces close to the washrooms, people may have to deal with the constant noise that comes with busy hand dryers. Having to hear a humming dryer could put a damper on an enjoyable meal.

For preference, efficiency and hygiene, the choice is paper, hands down. Learn more about our wide range of paper products and dispensers to keep your business clean and healthy.


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