How long have you been a CSR with Canadian Linen?

I have been a CSR since June 2015. I just celebrated my two-year anniversary.

What areas do you cover?

My route is located in Burlington, Ontario. I spend a lot of time on Brant St. throughout the week.

On average, how many kilometers do you drive in a day?

I have around 20 to 48 stops in a day. My route does have a good amount of bigger accounts and some smaller accounts. When special deliveries are made, it adds time to the route. I end up driving about 100 kilometers per day.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There are many things about the job that I do enjoy, but in my opinion the most rewarding is building strong customer relationships. Out of those relationships I have built with my customers, I am happy to say I have made some friends. I have gotten to know my customers really well over the past year, and it’s something I look forward to week after week. My customers trust me, and they know that I get the job done. I know that trust goes a long way when it comes to great customer service. With that being said, I know I have customers that will stay with Canadian Linen for a long time!

What is your favourite customer story or interaction?

I remember when I first took over my current route, I had big shoes to fill. All of my customers loved the previous CSR and said many great things about him. I kept thinking about how I was going to take this CSR’s place, especially with certain customers. Well, I adopted some of his habits. With one customer in particular, who was on the verge of quitting with us, I really had to step it up. I had to make sure that I knew everything I could to make her happy. I visit her twice a week, sometimes even three times, to make sure that she has everything she needs for her dinner service. She appreciates my service, she is very happy with me and she even feeds me often!

Do you have a system for organizing your truck?

I separate all of my linens from my carpets. I keep all of the towels in one bin and all of my washroom products on one shelf. I like as little as possible left over in my truck at week’s end.

Do you have any pet peeves related to your truck?

Sometimes when it’s a really cold day the heat takes awhile to kick in … but as I get moving, I start to warm up.

Since we’re in the business of laundering, do you iron your own clothes?

No, I do not iron my own clothes.

When you’re not in the truck, what are your favourite hobbies?

My favourite hobbies consist of hanging out with my baby boy, going out with friends and enjoying a great movie night with my wife. I also enjoy reading.


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