Spring Cleaning for Your Facility

Washing the windows. Cleaning out the bedroom closet. Organizing that pesky junk drawer. We all do some form of spring cleaning at home, so why not extend that tradition to your business? Spring is the perfect time to refresh your facility – inside and out – with a deep clean. It’s best to proactively address any issues before they become major expenses later. We’ll get you started with these essential tips.

Take it outside. Start by walking around building and check the roof and gutters for leaks. If you’re in a snowy climate, your roof may be showing wear and tear from the weight of snow and ice accumulation. Now is also a good time to shine up those windows with a streak-free glass cleaner. A sloppy exterior is never good for business.

Opening doors. Your entrance is the first impression a guest has of your brand – make sure it is a positive one. If you don’t currently have floor mats, consider this: a scraper mat outside the front door combined with a brush mat right inside, stop up to 90% of dirt and dust that would otherwise be tracked through your doorway. A standard floor mat can also hold one gallon of water, which helps prevent water damage to floors and carpets. This is a bonus for rainy spring months and beyond. 

Floor model. Speaking of floors ... salt, sand and snow over the winter may have left your floors looking dull and tired. Shine them up like new with mops and cleaners such as an all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaner. Microfiber is twice as absorbent as cotton, and it can hold six times its weight – efficient cleaning at its best! If your business has a lobby or waiting area, a logo mat not only showcases your brand, but it also keeps your entryway floors free of dirt and debris.

Break it down. Employee break rooms are high traffic areas that can benefit from a thorough clean every now and then. Grab a terry towel and cleaner specifically designed for each area. A hard surface sanitizer is safe for non-porous surfaces that come into contact with food. Remove stubborn soils and grease on tables and countertops with a heavy-duty degreaser.

Don’t forget the washrooms. Did you know that nearly 70% of all businesses have received complaints at one time or another about their washroom cleanliness? Although washrooms should be frequently cleaned and maintained, now is great time for top to bottom disinfecting. Because microfiber terry towels come in several colours, they are ideal for cleaning washrooms – choose one colour for washroom use only to avoid cross contamination. And to keep your washrooms smelling fresh year round, use a combination of air fresheners and urinal screens

Pay close attention. Every business has those areas and surfaces that tend to be neglected, whether it’s the ceiling fans, spaces behind heavy appliances or under cupboards, air conditioning vents or office desks. Dust, debris and food crumbs love hanging out in these locations. Get in there and pull out those appliances to clean the floors and walls. High dusters, when attached to an extension handle, are designed to clean those hard-to-reach spots and overhead surfaces.

Once you’ve given your facility the spring cleaning treatment, start thinking long term. The right facility services vendor can be your partner in keeping your business clean and safe throughout all four seasons. Canadian Linen ensures your floor mats, mops and towels are always freshly laundered and your cleaners and air care inventories are always at the right levels. You get the service and the products without any upfront investment. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options.


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