Effective inventory management is important to success. It ensures the right products are available for workers to do their job, while optimizing cost efficiencies. But managing inventory is not an easy task, and your time is better spent on serving your customers. As your partner, Canadian LInen makes your life simpler, handling all the details of inventory management so you don’t have to. Here’s how:

Set Your Baseline

We begin by taking an objective look at your operation. Your expert Customer Service Representative (CSR) will help you set the inventory levels you’ll need to operate productively between each service visit. It’s a best practice to start with an additional 10–15% of buffer inventory, so we can monitor usage and adjust to optimal counts.

Maintain Open Communication

Talk with your CSR about what’s working and what could be improved. They’ve seen it all and will have tips for making your program more effective. For example, if employees are forgetting or misplacing their uniforms, an onsite locker system can help prevent loss and keep them from digging into your emergency stock.

Think Ahead and Be Proactive

Your CSR will help you anticipate changes in your needs and ensure you’re never without the inventory your business demands. We’ll evaluate your program throughout the year and make recommendations to account for seasonal fluctuations and business growth.

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