Ironing Out Inventory Concerns

How many times have you reached for a table napkin and discovered you were out? Have your employees had to work a shift without a uniform? Or has a staff member had to make an emergency run to a big-box store for more washroom tissue? Effective inventory management ensures the right products are available for workers to do their job and serve your guests, while optimizing cost efficiencies. But managing inventory is not always an easy task, and your time is better spent on serving your customers.

Inventory Matters

Think of your daily to-do list, and how great it feels to confidently cross off a task. A dependable uniform, linen and facility care provider will pick up and deliver clean products so that you have what you need, when you need it. Garments with broken zippers or heavy soils are repaired or replaced. It’s one less thing to worry about and it allows you to turn your attention to the rest of that to-do list.

When your staff arrives, you want them to be ready for work. Nobody has time to track down a work shirt or apron. Having the correct quantity of uniforms is crucial to a smooth workday. And when you add employees, a uniform provider can work with you to make sure their uniforms are there on day one and in the right size.

Let’s switch gears to your customers. You work hard to uphold your brand reputation and provide an exceptional guest experience. But something as small as a tablecloth shortage or running out of hand soap in the restrooms can have a significant negative impact. An interruption of service may tell customers that you are unprofessional, understaffed or not in tune with your business. And ultimately, those customers may not come back.  

How We Can Help

AmeriPride begins by taking an objective look at your operation. Your expert Customer Service Representative (CSR) can help you set the inventory levels you’ll need to operate productively between each service visit. It’s best practice to start with an additional 10-15% of buffer inventory and then adjust to optimal counts.

Going forward, our service team is always proactively monitoring how much product you use. For example, if we notice that Mondays are your busy day, we will suggest increasing quantities of shop towels or all-purpose cleaner to keep up with demand. At the same time, we help you avoid overstock, which can take up valuable storage space at your business.

With our Inventory Assurance program and behind-the-scenes support, we have the details covered —from freshly pressed linens, uniforms and aprons, to floorcare and washroom services. Your dedicated account team brings deep industry expertise to develop a program optimized for your operations. And for those emergencies when you’re caught off guard and experience a rush, we offer Weekend On-Call service.

We’re able to keep close tabs on your inventory with our innovative technology. When your CSR delivers your products, they can easily adjust quantities on their handheld device. This is connected to our C3 Mobile service platform, which puts your account at their fingertips.

Our online Customer Portal is another way to keep tabs on uniform inventory. Customers can access their account via this tool 24/7 on any device. It’s also a convenient way to contact your service team. You can easily send a message about ordering a uniform for a newly hired employee – even at 10 pm on a Saturday.

Partners in Inventory

Your CSR and service team will help you anticipate changes in your needs and ensure you have the inventory your business demands. We’ll evaluate your program throughout the year and make recommendations to account for seasonal fluctuations and business growth.

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