Linens and Towels Done Right

If your business relies on linens or towels then you know how crucial it is to always maintain a clean, fresh supply. With Canadian Linen’s comprehensive service programs, you never have to worry about getting caught with dirty linens or towels. Having the right quantities at the right times helps your team do their job and keeps customers happy. Benefits of a fully managed program include:

  • Delivery – Clean products are delivered right to your shelf or closet on a schedule that accommodates your level of use throughout the week. Also, worn or heavily soiled items are replaced.
  • Laundering – An industrial launderer knows how to efficiently wash large quantities. Whether it is optimal temperatures, cleaning agents or drying times, handling large loads of linens and towels is our specialty. Besides, who wants to haul everything home at the end of the day and use their own washer and dryer?
  • Specialty products – Don’t risk using the wrong towel for specific tasks. This can be especially dangerous if cross contamination occurs. For example, a microfiber towel that is used for wiping down countertops should not be pulling double duty on surfaces that come into contact with food – not even in a pinch.
  • Inventory – Chances are your team doesn’t have time to track how many napkins or towels your business goes through in a day. However, a linen provider manages your stock and makes sure you always have the proper amounts.
  • Elevated guest experience – Did you know that 88% of consumers correlate cloth linens with better service? If you’re in the restaurant and hospitality industry, choosing a cloth napkin can help complement your décor, cuisine and ambience.

On-time delivery of clean linens and towels means one less thing for you to stress over. Durable towels get the job done more effectively, and high-quality linens meet your guests’ expectations – this all adds up to value. We can tailor a program that fits your needs and helps you present a positive image. Contact us today!


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