In the automotive industry, it isn’t just about how quickly you can perform an oil change. In order to be successful, the functionality and appearance of your total facility matters. From the front door to the shop floor, your business needs to be clean and safe for customers and employees. Your brand reputation depends on it. Why not put that responsibility on a reliable service provider so you can focus on growing your customer base. A total facility care program includes:


Face it, shop towels and fender covers get dirty, really dirty. A service provider can remove soiled towels and fender covers and replace them with professionally laundered ones, keeping your workstation clean and your customers happy. Industrial washing provides peace of mind that grease, oil and hazardous materials are thoroughly removed.

“Industrial laundering is a much better choice for us,” says Tracey Cameron, owner of Dynamic Automotive. “Using disposable rags is very wasteful. Washing our own rags, pants and shirts doesn’t get them clean enough, and it makes a mess of your machines and anything else you might wash after.” 


One mat does not fit all areas. For instance, at the front entrance of your business, an outdoor scraper mat can help keep dirt, snow and other elements out of your entryway, reducing potential slips and falls. At service bays and reception areas, an anti-fatigue mat can provide comfort to employees who are on their feet for long periods. Customized logo mats placed in high traffic areas reinforce your brand identity and are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. 

Check out this helpful map of which mat should go where in your shop.

Rather than buy new mats when wear and tear happens, count on a service provider to deliver, clean and replace mats on a regular schedule. Mats are completely washed rather than just vacuumed to remove all dirt and reinvigorate the fibers.

Washroom Care

When it comes to a positive impression, don’t overlook the restrooms. Having clean, odor-free washrooms improves customer satisfaction. This includes providing hand soaps, sanitizers, disinfectants, air care and paper products. A service provider can deliver and set up these products so you don’t have to lug heavy containers. And chances are nobody on your team has time to run to the big box store when bath tissue runs out. 


The right amount of facility care products is crucial, as well as tricky and time consuming to track. A provider can make sure you have an inventory of product with safety stock on the shelf. This means you’re not caught off guard with empty hand soap dispensers and you don’t have to worry about managing inventory yourself. And because service providers maintain your product inventory, you only spend money on what you need. 

“As time and quality are important to us, we were looking for a reliable supplier who could provide us with all of our needs – from uniforms to cleaning supplies – and would also manage the inventory,” Cameron says.

The Right Partner in Your Image Program

As a one-stop shop, Canadian Linen saves customers time and money by reducing vendors and providing assistance with inventory management. We are proactive in addressing the needs of your business. Our fully managed program means we handle all the details so you can focus on your customers.


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